in praise of others

1. Favorite GOOGLE PLAY Radio station this week : 


Sometimes I just get sick and tired of my music, which is why the concept of a personalized radio station, in this case, Google Play Radio is brilliant. I wanted something funky this week to sit in the background while I read and sketched. I love any of the Hôtel Costes albums, which are electronic - lounge albums compiled and mixed by Stéphane Pompougnac, who is the resident DJ for the luxury hotel, Hôtel Costes in Paris.. This station has songs by The Gotan Project,  Emmanuel Santarromana,  Dublex... It's a pretty groovy mix but hit the spot this week! Listening to it transported me to a swanky lounge in Paris ordering one cocktail after another.


2. Favorite ARTIST I discovered this week:

I've been conducting my own mini art history course over the past few weeks - H E A V E N - and have learned about so many incredible people. I've discovered many new artists but Joann Verburg's work just stopped me in my tracks. Initially I was drawn to her color palette and subjects but after seeing several interviews with her I am completely intrigued with the way she looks at the world. 

JOANN VERBURG  In The Light of The Duomo  2011.



3. Favorite PAINTING this week:

As I am conducting my own mini art history course this month (once again, HEAVEN) I have had time to relish in the masters. I completely fell in love with INGRES (again). Look at these blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  



4. Favorite BOOK this week:

When you hear raving reviews about a book over and over you get intrigued. I finally picked it up this week at the local bookstore. So far so great!!!

HANYA YANAGIHARA  A Little Life   2015