the broad + california


M Y  W E E K  I N  P H O T O S  ( 2 . 2 0 . 2 0 1 6 )


1. We went to Palm Springs and LA this week for mid-winter break. Apart from the sun, the biggest highlight was going to the new BROAD MUSEUM in LA. I have heard so much about this incredible collection but was very taken by seeing so many artists I admire all in one collection. JULIE MEHRETU is one of my favorite artists but I have never seen her work. Upon entering the main floor gallery, I was suddenly face to face with her enormous painting, CAIRO. I was in awe, as were my kids. Bravo and merci to the Broad family!

2. On the way to the PALM SPRINGS ART FAIR

3. Moody sky in PALM SPRINGS

4. Palm + Moon

5. Ode to Glenn Frey and the HOTEL CALIFORNIA album cover