grounded in florence


M Y   W E E K   I N    P H O T O S    ( 8 . 7 . 2 0 1 6 )

I gave myself an assignment at the beginning of this year to dig deep into art history; to relearn everything I studied over the past few decades in hopes I will see it all with a fresh perspective. My work is currently shifting so I thought it would be helpful to get grounded and reacquainted with those who came before me in order for me to move forward with my work.

Over the past 8 months I have spent a good percentage of time in the local public library, in galleries, in museums, in bookstores, and in artist's studios. But the coup d'état was going to Florence a few weeks ago to visit a dear friend who was studying classical painting at The Florence Academy of Art. What a treat is was to visit her and see her in action!! It was also a treat to be back in Italy where I studied Renaissance art and architecture many years ago. I have always felt this was sacred ground for me becoming an artist so I was happy to be back. I had come to a point in my self-guided art history class where getting in front of these buildings and artwork seemed important and a 'logical' thing to do. I didn't have much time but I did an all out assault on Florence in 4 days and got the grounding I needed.

I am posting way more photos than normal but there is so much to share. 

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TOUR the beautiful Palazzo Vecchio and the Piazza Signoria  

GO see the monuments of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Dante, and Galileo at Santa Croce  

BE amazed with Masaccio and Ghirlandaio's frescos, Michelangelo's statue, Bruneleschi's pulpit and the monk's pharmacia at Santa Maria Novella  

EXPLORE modern art at Palazzo Strozzi  

TAKE a Renaissance tour from this guy!! @easelandlens

GATHER art supplies from Zecchi Colors

SHOP at the Gucci flagship store or at least act like you are 

HUNT through the flea market at San Ambrogio  

WATCH the artisans make leather goods at the leather School behind Santa Croce  

EAT at Canitnetta Antinori and Caffe Cibreo, often!   

EXPERIENCE the Gucci Museum

SPEND the morning at the Ufizzi

Then SPEND the afternoon in quiet at the San Marco Museum

SWOON over the sculptures at the Bargello 

DREAM about ordering custom made clothes at this very friendly and beautiful tailor 

GEEK out at the Galileo Museum  

COCKTAILS on the rooftop bar above the crowds. Amazing view.